Rising consumer expectations are reshaping the omnichannel landscape and dramatically increasing the speed and complexity of order fulfillment processes. Not only is two-day delivery the new norm, customers are also taking fulfillment into their own hands by ordering online and picking up products at the nearest retail outlet. Today, 40 percent of all online purchases utilize more than one commerce channel. These channel-crossing orders require multiple touch points and place unprecedented demands on store labor that can quickly cut into profit margins across the network.

In the next On The Move Webinar, Jason Franklin, product manager of Intelligrated labor management software (LMS), will discuss how to meet customer expectations and maximize workforce effectiveness by implementing DC-like processes in the store. You’ll learn how LMS solves these challenges by:

  • Helping outlets prepare for in-store order pickup and shipping
  • Driving labor cost savings through planning and execution monitoring
  • Meeting service level agreements and increasing throughput without adding labor
  • Establishing process predictability to operations through accurate forecasting
  • Employing more agile order-building processes
Hosted August 23, 2016 at 2 p.m EDT. Complete the form to register.