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Unlock Your DC’s Hidden Potential With WES Software

The unrelenting challenges of e-commerce fulfillment are pushing many distribution centers to the limits of their storage density and throughput capacities. As SKU proliferation and order volumes continue to rise, many retailers are facing the prospect of facility expansion or new construction to keep pace with demand and meet service level agreements (SLAs). Too often, companies move forward with these major capital investments before fully maximizing the potential of their existing facilities.

Our next On The Move webinar will discuss how warehouse execution system (WES) software helps retailers increase storage densities, drive throughput, improve order consolidation and minimize labor costs in their existing facilities. We’ll explore proven strategies for unlocking your facility’s hidden potential and driving new levels of warehouse efficiency.

Attendees will learn:

- How to address SKU proliferation and quickly adapt to seasonal product changes
- How to enable dynamic space allocation for AS/RS inventory and pick locations
- How to streamline order consolidation through just-in-time put wall allocation
- How to increase throughput while reducing labor costs

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