Modern e-tailers and omnichannel retailers have changed the order fulfillment game. Many customers have traded the in-store experience for online shopping, and as a result, brick and mortar retailers are struggling to compete. But while these retailers may not have distribution centers in every strategic location, they do have existing assets they can leverage: their network of stores.

In the next On The Move webinar, Sean Wallingford, senior director of strategic operations, and James Hendrickson, senior product manager, retail solutions from Honeywell, will explain how retailers can level the playing field by turning their stores into distribution centers — and in the process create a customer experience that drives brand loyalty. You’ll learn:

  • The advantages of a physical storefront over a virtual one
  • The importance of "buy online, pick up in store" order fulfillment
  • The similarities between DC and store processes
  • How to improve tactical execution to improve the customer experience
  • Why DC-like efficiencies are critical in stores
Hosted December 15, 2016 at 2 p.m EST. Complete the form to register.