Honeywell Voice A700x Series

The next level of operating efficiency

Every customer is different. Every operation is different. In order to fulfill varying customer needs and changing market trends, warehouse technologies should meet your unique requirements without slowing you down.

Building on our 20+ years of DC technology for voice-directed work, Honeywell has continued to invest in Vocollect™ voice. Our most recent development is an update to our popular A700 Series mobile devices: the A700x. Several features make this release important:

  • A new Speaker Independent Recognition Engine allows workers to start using the A700x immediately, reducing new operator onboarding time.
  • Advanced predictive maintenance and troubleshooting built in with Honeywell Sentience 2.0 Cloud, and sensors for temperature, height, drops and falls, etc.
  • Intelligent analytics for evaluating operator performance metrics in real time.
  • Built on the Linux operating system, future-proofing your investment. 
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