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Expanding Your DC? Control Your Costs With Labor Management Software (LMS)

We all know labor accounts for roughly 50% of distribution center costs, but what happens when you expand your operations? This is where an effective LMS can have an immediate impact on the bottom line. From reducing attrition, creating engineered standards, and training your employees, learn how GoalPost® LMS can reduce some of the costs incurred pre-, during and post-expansion.

Data science insights are driving new areas of optimization, prediction and autonomous systems in our labor workforce. It is now possible, for example, to determine the number of workers you’ll need to run your operation at peak efficiency next week. You can also predict where each of your employees will work most effectively, which incentives will motivate them to get their jobs done, and who’s thinking about quitting.

This white paper highlights some of the emerging data science capabilities that are bringing game-changing insights to the supply chain. Many are already available today, while others are establishing promising track records in real-world pilot tests.