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Flawless Warehouse Execution With Momentum WES 

Tackle today’s fulfillment demands with next-generation Momentum warehouse execution system (WES). From orchestrating order fulfillment activities, balancing labor and automation resources, and overseeing order release in real time to meet ever-changing customer priorities, Momentum is helping companies achieve higher throughput and meet exacting SLAs. Plus, we’ll show how leveraging advanced data science techniques and machine-learning algorithms empowers intelligent decision-making, drives measurable performance improvements, and gives operations a competitive edge.

In response to this rapid evolution, the concept of Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) has matured quickly in recent years. The increasing need for automation has helped to carve out WES’ role among other legacy distribution software. While Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) still play necessary roles, only the WES enables visibility into disparate automation systems, allowing it to orchestrate the entire order fulfillment process within the four walls of a DC.

Our white paper addresses the escalating complexities of modern distribution and fulfillment operations.