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Remote Video-Enablement for Maintenance 

Explore the potential of video-enabled technical support in your maintenance operations. Our TechSight offering facilitates remote collaboration between your technicians and our expert service team for rapid diagnoses and troubleshooting of critical issues. Experience the power of optional smart glasses with augmented reality capabilities for improved collaboration.

Unplanned downtime and lost productivity can cost a DC hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour. Customer service levels can also suffer, potentially creating losses that are not as easily measured. When a critical piece of material handling or automation equipment goes down, every minute counts. Yet even as U.S. distribution volume continues to grow by an estimated 25 percent each year, the number of experienced maintenance workers in the country is shrinking. As baby boomers retire, taking much of their institutional knowledge with them, fewer younger workers are stepping in to replace them. Unfortunately, the result is a growing knowledge gap that many companies are scrambling to fill.

In this ever-tightening labor environment, it can take valuable time to get an experienced technician on-site when a serious maintenance issue comes up. Fortunately, new developments in smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) technology are beginning to offer an alternative solution for DCs that can’t afford to wait.